Wednesday 16 January - Licences and Membership Evening

14 January 2019

We have them at last! Don't all yell at once smile I, and some of the committee will be at Hammies on Wednesday from 18:00 - 19:30. The membership for the year remains R400 (cheap as chips) and we accept EFT, SnapScan and cash. Bring your membership form with too speed the process along.

If you have paid via EFT please bring your PoP along. If you can't make Wednesday don't stress, I am trying to confirm another night during the week. If you can't make these then I will be at the club the following week and so on and so forth and take a breath.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a limited supply of kit at present as our suppliers have faced some challenges due to the recent fires affecting their factories. We hope to have a full allotment by the end of the month.