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Saturday 29 October 2016 Mike Russell
Mike Russell

Mike Russell presented his Chairman’s Report. Key points covered were the following:

AAC Membership: This is increasing annually and currently stands at just under 480 members and there were many new faces at the socials, gazebo and races.

AAC Races: The Lighthouse 10km, which took place in March, recently won an award from WPA for the best race of month in March 2013. The Gun Run attracted yet another record field of 19 532 and was extremely successful event. The sponsors have indicated they would like to see over 20 000 in 2014. Thanks were given to Tony Breslin, the race director, and Sue Ullyett, as well as the committee who all worked extremely hard to make the race the success it was.  It is now the second biggest race in the country.

Hamiltons: With club membership just under 500 members, Hamiltons has been a good venue to accommodate the club’s needs. This is the second year AAC has used Hamiltons as a base and it works well. Costs are manageable and AAC has contributed towards installing showers in the women toilets to accommodate those who want to shower after their run.

Website: The site contains loads of useful information in an easy to read formant. Emma has done a wonderful job with the design and implementation to get it to where it is today.

AAC Socials: These are always well attended, particularly the quiz night, which will be repeated. A big thank you to Adri who has organised both for AAC. The committee is always looking for ideas and suggestions from the members for socials and would like feedback on what they would like.

Penguins: This group is continually growing in numbers as people join the club and need help to get started with their running. Radesh has done a great job looking after them and guiding them on how to train for various events. Many are running half marathons and up to marathons and it is time for Radesh to let go of some of them and integrate them into AAC, as we are all members of the same club.

AAC Year-end Party: Silly season will soon be upon us and a date has been set for the Year-end Function, which will take place at the Hellenic Club. Details to be sent out to the members shortly.

Green Point Athletics Track: WPA is moving their offices to the Athletics Track, as is the CPUT running club. It is ready to open but no official opening has been announced. The City of CT also has not informed anyone as to how it will operate, or what the costs will be to use the facilities. As soon as AAC hears, members will be informed.

Mike ended by saying that AAC has a great club that he is proud to be a member of, with a great bunch of people. A club is only as good as the members, and he added that if members had any concerns or views that they wanted to raise, they must feel free to contact anyone on the committee.