The Club Commitee

Atlantic Athletic Club Committee for 2013


Chris Readman

Chris Readman

Chris has been an Atlantic runner for 25 years and has over 100 Marathons under his belt including 24 Two Oceans and a Bill Rowan at Comrades. As a grand master he admits he is not getting any quicker but at his peak he collected age category wins, posted a Marathon best of 2.52 and a 10km in 35.05. Chris has served as Men’s Captain, Chairman, has helped to organise dozens of races and is in his 3rd year as President. In his non-running time he consults in aviation insurance and is also a recreational pilot.

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Mike Russell

Mike Russell

Mike is a founder member of AAC which was started in 1979. He is an honorary life member of the club and has held the position as chairman and additional member as well as being on the organising committees of all the races organised by AAC over the years. He is a Comrades and Two Oceans silver medalist with a marathon time of 2:30. He currently looks after the Wednesday evening time trial.

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Race Co-ordinator

Tony Breslin

Tony Breslin

Tony has been a member since the establishment of the club in 1979 and is our current Gun Run and Lighthouse race director. Tony has a marathon PB of 2:34, a Two Oceans PB of 3:37 and a Comrades PB of 6:53. In his professional capacity Tony is in the events and lift business.

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Men's Captain

Sean Robson

Sean Robson

Sean Robson is the new AAC club administrator and moved to Cape Town almost three years ago. It was here that he rediscovered his love of running after a number of years riding bicycles and buses around the world. In the space of six months he proceeded to complete his first marathon, Two Oceans Ultra and Comrades. When he is not working as a freelance journalist, he dreams of completing 100 milers and his next Comrades.

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Women's Captain

Emma Carpenter

Emma Carpenter

Emma has been a member of Atlantic Athletic since she moved to Cape Town from London in 2007 and has held the position of Women’s Captain since 2010. She is also responsible for the design of the club website and Emma has run 2 Comrades Marathons and 5 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons.

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Additional Member

Radesh Moodley

Radesh Moodley

Radesh has been running road races for 22 years and is doing his 10th Two Oceans 21km in 2013. He is the captain of the Penguins beginners programme as well as marshal coordinator for the Gun Run, Lighthouse 10k and the previous Bay to Bay.

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Additional Member

Belinda Cillier

Belinda Cillier

"I moved to Cape Town from Namibia 5 years ago, and have been running for 22 year. My motto is, “I run so that I can eat and drink and ALWAYS for fun” I am an all rounder and enjoy running (road and trail), cycling (road and mountain) and adult ballet. On my bucket list for 2014 is to learn to swim properly so that I can attempt a triathlon this year. By day I work as an independent management consultant in the financial services and healthcare industry and have an affinity for lists – they make the world go round don’t they?"

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Beginners and Social Running Co-ordinator

Rifqah Toyer

Rifqah Toyer

“My running journey started by chance when a friend dared me to run the Two Oceans half marathon. Determined to meet the challenge, albeit as an inexperienced runner, I started my training which consisted of brisk walking / running laps around a field twice a week and along the Sea Point promenade over weekends. Once the challenge was met, I joined AAC and have not looked back since. Simply put, it’s the post-run high that’s gotten me hooked.”

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